Educational Technology and Student Performance

  • The Ed Tech and Student Performance department is responsible for supporting all CVUSD schools in the integration of technology into curriculum and instruction, including providing push-in support for teachers and students through the use of Instructional Technology Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs), and implementing new instructional technologies to enrich the curriculum. Additionally, our department directs the district assessment program and provides support to CVUSD schools in CAASPP, PFT/FITNESSGRAM, local assessments, Advanced Placement exams, and PSAT. 

  • Student on Laptop


  • Dr. Jayna Suter
    Assistant Director, Educational Technology and Student Performance

    Connie Reyes
    Educational Technology and Assessment Technician

    Tammy Farhit
    Technology Integration TOSA

    Denise Ferens
    Senior Office Assistant II