CVUSD Strategic Plans

  • All CVUSD learners are served by a set of related plans that work in conjunction to implement the CVUSD's four districtwide goals:

    1. Implement targeted actions and services that support conditions for optimal learning, equitable access, and positive student outcomes. (Student focused)
    2. Recruit, develop, and retain highly qualified, diverse and effective staff.  (Internal focused)
    3. Provide two-way communication and targeted outreach that engages and informs the community of programs, policies and opportunities and also builds strong connections among families, community members, and CVUSD schools. (Community focused)
    4. Enhance the social, emotional, physical, and mental well-being for all students through targeted actions and services. (Student and School focused)

    Optimal learning, equitable access and positive student outcomes are the primary drivers of all four district goals. Educational partners, including staff, students, parents/guardians, and the public contribute to the creation, monitoring and adjustments to these plans. This coordinated approach emphasizes both district level and school site level implementation to ensure that our entire organization is working towards positive student outcomes for all students. 

    Plans, include the following: