Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) provides qualitatively differentiated learning experiences for students with unique abilities, interests and talents with the expectation that students will be successful learners capable of performing at high levels of ability. Research has shown that specialized instructional strategies, along with opportunities for gifted students to interact with each other on a regular basis, yield higher academic performance, as well as improved social and emotional well-being.


    Do you have a newly identified GATE student and wonder what this new world is all about? Our GATE parent presentation can offer some insights into what GATE is/means and how we work to meet the needs of our gifted students in CVUSD. If you have any questions, please email Stefanie Caswell.

Upcoming Events

  • District GATE Activities:

    We are excited to continue our district-wide GATE enrichment events and activities..."After Class Enrichment Series" (ACES) with a blend of in-person and virtual opportunities for students every month.

    • Elementary GATE students are invited to join us for an interactive afternoon with a virtual field trip and scavenger hunt on Wednesday, October 11th. Information will be emailed to elementary GATE families to complete the lottery/interest form for possible participation one week prior to the activity.
    • Secondary GATE students are invited to participate in a Halloween-themed 3D printing workshop on Thursday, October 19th. Sign-up information will be emailed to secondary GATE students/families to complete the lottery/interest form for possible participation one week prior to the activity.


    Interested in connecting with other GATE families and getting involved in GATE activities and events in CVUSD?
    Check out our GATE-DAC 2023-2024 Calendar to see when the next district GATE District Advisory Council (GATE-DAC) parent meeting will take place. For detailed meeting information, visit Board Docs to access the agenda 72 hours prior to our Friday morning meeting.

Contact Information

  • Christina Harrison
    Director, Student Support Services
    (805) 497-9511 x3321

    Stefanie Caswell
    GATE Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) 
    (805) 497-9511 x3322

    Gloria Alamir
    Secretary, Student Support Services
    (805) 497-9511 x3320

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