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  • Offering confidential services and supporting academic and personal achievement. One family at a time is how the BreakThrough team supports students and families because every student matters.

  • The Breakthrough Student Assistance Program helps students and their families navigate their way through the school system safely and successfully. Breakthrough welcomes any student, Kindergarten through 12th grade, and their family in the Conejo Valley Unified School District. Students and/or parents can self-refer to the program or be referred to by concerned administrators, staff members, parents, or friends due to:

    Individual or
    family stress




    Substance abuse


    Mental health

Confidential Referral Form

  • Access our Confidential Concerned Person Referral Form by clicking on the button below:

Our Staff

  • Our trained staff takes time to listen carefully to learn about the student's and family's concerns and determine their strengths. Staff is then able to provide students with links to resources at their schools and in their community.

    Rebecca (Stelmar) Cook 
    (805) 241-0259 ext 5311
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    Brenda Rachels
    (805) 241-0259 ext 5312
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    Alexandra Buenrostro Rangel
    (805) 241-0259 ext 5311
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    Letty Garcia
    Secretary, BreakThrough Program
    (805) 241-0259 ext 5310
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    Students and/or families may call to make an appointment: (805) 241-0259
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Our Location

  • 1400 E. Janss Road
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
    Building E

    Students and/or families may
    call to make an appointment:
    (805) 241-0259

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      Our Services

      • Students referred to the BreakThrough Student Assistance Program will participate in a 90-minute structured Family Conference using the Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM). BRRIIM is an indicated prevention strategy that is used to assess strengths, risks and needs. The Family Conference will:

        • Identify family strengths and how to utilize them
        • Explore the student's academic and career goals as well as social and emotional needs
        • Identify student/family concerns
        • Create a plan of action to foster success for all family members
        • Refer student and family to appropriate community resources
        • Provide ongoing support as needed

        A Family Plan is created from the information collected at the Family Conference. It is developed collaboratively by the counselor, student and parents/guardians. This plan includes student responsibilities, parent/guardian responsibilities, staff responsibilities, and staff recommendations.

      Community Resource List

      If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


      Parent & Student Testimonials

      • "Sometimes to just have someone listen to you, talk to you, check in or to even see how you're doing can make a huge difference. Everyone you work with at BreakThrough, genuinely cares. They don't care why you're there or how you got there, or what you've done in the past, they’re focused on the present and your future which makes you feel comfortable and cared about."

        "Breakthrough has been a lifeline for school sites. It is by the far the most comprehensive resource we can share to help our families. As a site administrator, I feel extremely fortunate to be able to refer families to this service, knowing that the program will welcome them with open arms and get them support they deserve.”

        “We are lucky to have The Breakthrough Program in our district. The counselors took a genuine and heartfelt interest in the well-being of our children and our family. They provided our children with the support and tools they needed to work through their social and emotional struggles and communicated with us throughout the process.”

        “I consistently receive positive feedback from parents and students who have been referred to the CVUSD Breakthrough Student Assistance Program, even from students who were reluctant to go! They report the sessions were definitely time well spent, and they gained valuable and applicable knowledge and skills to use in the future. This has been such a valuable resource for our students and their families.”

        “Hola, cómo mama me gustaría compartir cuán agradecida estoy por el programa de BreakThrough de Asistencia al Estudiante. BreakThrough ha sido de gran ayuda y apoyo para mi hija animándola a ser mejor y hacer lo mejor. El programa provee métodos que ayuda al estudiante a enfrentar las situaciones que están viviendo y les enseña que en la vida aún hay más para ganar y salir adelante de lo que ellos puedan pensar por el momento. Sobre todo recomiendo a los padres que se informen de este programa de BreakThrough si sus hijos que son estudiantes están batallando con depresión, ansiedad, necesidades emocionales y mentales. Muchas gracias BreakThrough program.”

        “As a student in this program I can say it's been a great help in my life. This program has taught me valuable life lessons and showed me that there's more to life than just being sad. I really recommend students who have depression or any mental illness or emotional help, to reach out to this program. It's an eye opener to life and a great support.”

      Parent Guardian Workshop Recordings