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Congratulations, Randy Smith: CVUSD’s November 2023 Teacher of the Month!

Described as, “wicked smart, empathetic, hard-working, thought-provoking, introspective, engaging and empowering,” Randy Smith is considered a true education hero by his peers. Currently serving as a teacher at Redwood Middle School, Mr. Smith is a veteran in the classroom, with more than two decades as a teacher in the CVUSD. He assists each student in reaching their maximum potential, and we and the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce are proud to honor him as our November 2023 Teacher of the Month!

Mr. Smith is a tireless student-advocate. His students know he desperately wants them to succeed and they are comfortable going to him with any challenge, academic struggle, or personal issue. He provides students with specific learning goals and uses resources to make learning FUN. He also collaborates with the Special Education department to successfully incorporate co-teaching.

Mr. Smith implements innovative teaching strategies and believes in the “power of yet,” meaning that all students have the potential to achieve when given the time and resources. He shows support for students inside and outside the classroom by his involvement in extracurricular activities. These include being a club sponsor, organizing the 6th grade Outdoor School program, and being the Math Competition Advisory, administering the AMD to over 25 students. 

He demonstrates wisdom and guidance in conversations with coworkers and helps others feel confident in the positive work that is being done on a daily basis at Redwood. He negotiates and resolves conflicts always with the best interests of students at the forefront of all decisions and he is the go-to person for questions involving contracts and obligations as a member of the UACT board. 

On Tuesday, November 14th, the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Conejo Valley Unified School District surprised Mr. Smith with the November 2023 Teacher of the Month recognition during a regularly scheduled staff meeting. Mr. Smith was presented with a commemorative plaque honoring his recognition. 

Congratulations, Mr. Smith!

Mr. Smith is one of eight Teacher of the Month recognitions that will take place this school year. The CVUSD’s Teacher of the Year will be selected from the Teacher of the Month honorees that are recognized this school year.