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License to Ride: Conejo Elementary Scholars Gifted 96 FREE Bicycles

This school year, for the very first time, all kindergarten and first grade students at Conejo Elementary School completed PE instruction designed to teach them how to ride a bicycle. Students began the PE classes with balance bikes and transitioned to using pedals during the eight weeks of instruction. 

Local community partners Newbury Park Bike Shop and Giant Bicycles heard about the students' success in completing the “All Kids Bike PE Program,” and decided to make an incredible gift that will allow the students to keep bike riding during summertime and beyond. 

On Friday, May 26th during the school’s “Bike Program Graduation Ceremony” each student who completed the Bike PE Program was surprised with a brand new, beautiful bicycle courtesy of Newbury Park Bike Shop and Giant Bikes.

Newbury Park Bike Shop and Giant Bikes gifted 96 bicycles and helmets total, and worked with community volunteers the day prior to assemble each bicycle ahead of the “Bike Program Graduation Ceremony.” 

Thanks to the generous donation, students will be able to continue to practice the bike riding skills they learned this school year.

Thank you to Newbury Park Bike Shop and Giant Bicycles for this incredible gift to our students!