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Logix Hosts ‘Bite of Reality’ Financial Literacy Program with Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park High School Students

This week, Logix Federal Credit Union employee volunteers delivered a financial literacy program called "Bite of Reality®," to Thousand Oaks and Newbury Park High School students at its Newbury Park branch.  

Students from the ETHOS – Entrepreneurship Academy at Thousand Oaks High School, and DATA – Technology Academy at Newbury Park High, were invited to spend the morning learning about how to carefully spend and budget in the future. Bite of Reality is an exercise that simulates a real life experience, by way of an app, complete with financial decisions, bills, and even credit scores.

Employee volunteers helped students during their “shopping” experience. During this time, students had to carefully budget, as they visited eight stations where they shopped for household items, groceries, transportation, housing and more. When the app sent an alert that a bill payment was due, or if they overspent, students visited the credit union. There, the they learned how they could continue – perhaps by returning an item or limiting spending. Teachers, teens and volunteers alike enjoyed the experience.

“We have been fortunate to work with Logix during the last two years to have this program shared with our students virtually,” said Ashley Cooper, who is a Career Education Coordinator, ETHOS/Majors Program/CTE Pathways. “We want to thank Logix for being an invaluable community partner. This real world Bite of Reality learning experience for our Conejo Valley USD students reinforced our daily Academy lessons and empowered our students to prepare for their futures.”

Career Education Coordinator Nick Guerin from Newbury Park High has also been working with the credit union to support NPHS students since 2021, again with the virtual delivery of this program.

“This year, since we can be in-person, we thought it would be a better experience and we were right. When the students went into the app, and saw their randomly selected job, salary, credit score, spouse and child, there was a fantastic reaction. Some of them were laughing; others were excited. We are happy that our students embraced this activity. Logix staff cares about helping our kids – being ready to make life purchases, while having the credit union as a resource, is a great combination for success.”

Hosting 75 teens was an outstanding opportunity for Logix staff – many of them said they are looking forward to welcoming next year’s classes from local high schools. “We want to support our community – especially kids who are entering adulthood. If we can help guide them to make thoughtful decisions, they can focus on what is important to them, whether it be growing their careers, eventually raising a family, and more,” Branch Manager Rita El Hage said.

Thank you Logix for being an invaluable community partner and for providing this important hands-on learning experience for our scholars!