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Congratulations Debbie Dogancay of NPHS: CVUSD's February 2023 Teacher of the Month!

Debbie Dogancay has an infectious enthusiasm for celebrating learning and uncovering new knowledge. She is a dedicated educator with more than two decades of making a positive impact at Newbury Park High School. The Conejo Valley Unified School District and the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce are proud to honor Ms. Dogancay as CVUSD’s February 2023 Teacher of the Month!

Ms. Dogancay is a science teacher, and an incredibly invaluable member of the NPHS team. She has served tirelessly as an advisor to students through Academic Decathlon, Associated Student Government and Science Club. She also coordinates the International Baccalaureate Program in a highly efficient and effective manner providing a transformational experience to students and teachers alike.

At Newbury Park High School, she has an indefatigable vision for the development of the total population of students and a dedication to their profession and students that is second to none. Ms. Dogancay is known to have an incomparable gift for problem solving and an authentic, down-to-earth demeanor so that colleagues bring questions, concerns, and ideas to share. She models a humble, patient approach to developing questions for inquiry and exploration of materials.

Ms. Dogancay is also always willing to help new teachers regardless of which department they teach and meets with countless students and parents to discuss the International Baccalaureate Program. She shares her expertise by leading workshops for International Baccalaureate educators from around the world.

She is truly an ambassador for Newbury Park High School at the school site and around the country. 

On Thursday, February 23rd, the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Conejo Valley Unified School District surprised Ms. Dogancay with the February 2023 Teacher of the month recognition during a NPHS staff meeting. Ms. Dogancay received a commemorative plaque honoring her special recognition. Congratulations, Ms. Dogancay and thank you for your relentless dedication to the success of Newbury Park High School’s scholars!