• Paraprofessional, paraeducator, instructional assistant, teacher’s aide, educational assistant, aide…these wonderful people go by many titles. In special education we like to think of them as: superheroes.  Paraeducators in CVUSD, under the guidance and direction of administration and certificated teachers, provide a myriad of support to students with disabilities and embody a high degree of positive contact with students and staff members. Paraeducators are invaluable members of the CVUSD family! 

    Paraeducators may support by way of their student and the Special Education and/or General Education teachers’ instruction in multiple ways including, but not limited to:

    • Working with students in small groups or with prescribed intensive, individualized support for assignments to reinforce or follow up learning activities
    • Assisting the teacher in the implementation of assigned sections of the students’ Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) including students' IEP goals and objectives through instruction and a wide variety of prescribed activities as well as behavior intervention plans
    • Assisting the teacher in establishing and maintaining a safe and productive classroom and learning environment
    • Assisting in organizing the learning environment such as preparing for and setting up instructional materials and/or equipment for use in classroom activities
    • Providing assistance with classroom, outdoor playground, cafeteria, and field trip travel supervision; ensures students are not leaving designated areas
    • Directing students to engage safely in learning activities and school functions, and assists in shaping appropriate social behaviors
    • Implementing approved behavior intervention techniques to maintain student safety as required
    • Providing students with personal care assistance such as washing, grooming, toileting, and diaper changing
    • Assisting in hand-over-hand activities with students with limited fine motor skills
    • Under the direct supervision and observation of a certificated staff, assisting students with taking medication under prescribed policies and procedures
    • Riding with students on the bus which transports the students to and from school and assisting students in moving to and from activities on school site or campus
    • Under the supervision of a certificated staff, assisting with feeding students unable to feed themselves
    • Providing assistance to students in transitioning in and out of wheelchairs, braces, and other equipment
    • Accompanying students in vocational training setting and/or on community outings