Webmail (OWA) - Setting Up Cell Phones

  • SmartPhone configuration -

    as all phones are a little different these are basic steps, for more detailed information search online for "Exchange Mail Setup" for your particular phone and operating system version)

    Remove mail account

    1. Open Settings
    2. Open Accounts (Droid) or Mail - Accounts  (iPhone)
    3. Find and select the correct mail account
    4. Note sync settings as necessary
    5. Delete account (could be under More (three vertical dots) link in upper right corner, or at the bottom of the screen)
    6. Close all open windows and restart the phone 

    Add mail account 

    1. Open Settings
    2. Open Accounts (Droid) or Mail - Accounts & Passwords (iPhone)
    3. Select Add Account
    4. Select type of mail account:
             Most phones work with Exchange, some older phones want the server name and domain
             If it still doesn't work try selecting Mail from the Add Account list
    5. Enter full email address and password
    6. If asked for, check SSL is required and accept any security questions

    Basic information needed to configure any mobile phone

    1. E-mail address for example, jsmith@conejousd.org
    2. Username is full email address, example is jsmith@coneousd.org
    3. Password (same password used to log on to your computer).
    4. SSL is required by the server (This may be an option during setup)
    5. Domain: Conejo
    6. Server Name:
      outlook.office365.com - if your mail account has been migrated to Office 365