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    The Planning & Facilities Department is responsible for the planning, programming, and construction of all District facilities. Our staff is ready to assist you in the following areas:

    • Developer Donation School Fees
    • Measure I - Master Plan & Modernization Projects
    • Construction Contracts
    • Demographic Trend Analysis
    • Enrollment Projections
    • Street Index/Neighborhood School Boundaries
    • Traffic Studies

New Project Request Process

  • If a District Administrator wishes to make what is determined to be an improvement or alteration to an existing school site or any District facility, the below steps (1-8) must be followed. Project requests should be submitted with as much lead time as possible, using the ‘New Project Request Form’ link. Completion of the request form prior to raising funds with specific goals for a project, provides an opportunity to identify unanticipated or potential impacts and associated costs that may delay or prohibit the project. Facilities and/or Maintenance & Operations will process all projects received on a first-come, first-served basis. Timeline for review and availability to oversee the project will vary based on current workload.


    1. Requestor – Complete the online New Project Request Form
    2. Requestor – Attach required Site Plan and Quote using the link provided on the confirmation message/email.
    3. District Approval – Online New Project Requests will be routed to appropriate staff for approvals.
    4. Requestor – Requestor is responsible for all costs associated with their project. Requestor should review and approve/deny final cost estimate and requirements.
    5. Requestor – Requestor shall issue check payable to Conejo Valley Unified School District, and send attention Planning & Facilities. If the funds are a donation, follow the process below.
    6. Notification – Online New Project Request process will notify Requestor when the project has been approved or denied. Planning & Facilities will contract you to discuss next steps, timing and implementation.
    7. Project Manager – All projects must be in accordance with District policy and State Laws.
    8. Project Manager – Oversees project implementation, timeline and completion.

    Donated Services

    Donated services are also subject to the above process. Donations to the District must be presented to the Board of Education at a scheduled Board meeting. Subsequently, a purchase order will be issued for the donation of contracted services. A contractor who volunteers services must meet the District and State requirements, and be under contract with the District, at which time the Board of Education will acknowledge donations. Request for Acceptance of Gifts

    Any improvements or alterations performed without an approved District New Project Request may be removed by the District. All costs associated with the removal and/or restoration of the facility to its original condition will be at the expense of the school site or group that sponsored the unapproved project.

Contact Information

  • Tim McCabe
    Director, Planning & Construction
    805-498-4557 ext 7541

    Debbie Hanna
    Planning Specialist
    805-498-4557 ext 7542

    Ken Thomas
    Project Manager
    805-498-4557 ext 7543

    Mike Stanford
    Project Manager
    805-498-4557 ext 7544