Our Fifth Grade Teachers

Fifth Grade

  • This is definitely one of the most exciting grade levels of elementary school!  Our fifth grade teachers take the job of preparing our students for middle school very seriously, and when students demonstrate the work habits and study skills necessary to reach this goal, we also like to have a little fun!  Our classes choose their own rewards for whole class success towards homework completion goals, teamwork and overall effort.  Students who complete all homework for the month participate in "Breakfast Club" held once a month before school.  Monthly softball games are a fifth grade favorite where we practice teamwork and mutual respect in a non-competitive atmosphere.  Rest assured you will really enjoy our 5th grade production of the "13 Colonies!"  We enjoy the fun parts, but we never lose sight of our main goal of preparing students for middle school and beyond.  Please read on to learn more about what this year has to offer!

    English Language Arts
    Students in fifth grade will engage in all types of reading!  We read as a class, in partners, teacher read aloud, and in guided reading homogeneous groupings.  Both fiction and non-fiction pieces support fifth grade standards in the form of core literature, guided reading, and the textbook anthology.  Also, students will read outside of class and complete their reading logs.
    Fifth graders will gain confidence in their writing skills this year.  In fact, we will teach them how to debate or argue logically in persuasive writing.  They will enjoy moving through the steps of the writing process in various genres.  Our writing plan is as follows:

    • Trimester #1:  narrative, summary and research report
    • Trimester #2:  persuasive and research report
    • Trimester #3:  response to literature

    Fractions, decimals, percents, negative numbers, area and volume are important standards for fifth grade math.  Just as in previous grades, Everyday Mathematics curriculum is continued in fifth grade.  It is a spiraling curriculum, meaning that the material is taught and revisited throughout the year.  For example, some topics might be introduced in Unit 3, but the mastery of the concept is not expected until Unit 9.  Concepts are continually reviewed through Math Boxes and other Math Journal pages.  Most of the work in class will be completed in the Math Journal.  Fifth grade Everyday Math has been known to be fast-paced and challenging for some.  In light of that, we are available in the classrooms to assist any serious students during the following study group times:

    • Mr. Stelle, Room 11:  Thursday morning 7:50-8:20
    • Mrs. Haver, Room 10:  Monday afternoon 2:45-3:15

    If necessary, students can attend all times available from either teacher.  They should come prepared with questions and areas of concern.

    Social Studies
    The fifth grade Social Studies experience will encompass early United States history and the "We the People" program.  We begin by researching the Age of Exploration and colonization.  There is a special emphasis on the Revolutionary Period and the development of the Constitution.  The students will also learn the locations and spellings of the 50 states and capitals.  In the third trimester we will participate in the "We the People" program.  In this program the students will learn about our Constitution and the way government works. The program culminates with a public speaking activity held at the Reagan Library in June.  There will also be a presentation for parents prior to the hearings at the Reagan Library.  In conclusion, fifth grade Social Studies teaches a great deal about the foundations of being an American.

    This is one of the favorite subjects for many students!  We will be studying the three areas of science using FOSS curriculum.

    • Trimester #1:  Earth Science - "Water Planet"
    • Trimester #2:  Life Science - "Living Systems"
    • Trimester #3:  Physical Science - "Mixtures & Solutions"

    An emphasis will be placed on working through the scientific method and identifying the independent, dependent and controlled variables in each experiment.  The hands on experiments are fun, and now the students will learn how important it is to document their research just like professional scientists.

    Public Speaking
    Public speaking is an area of emphasis for fifth grade in our district.  Fifth graders will have many opportunities to practice and improve their public speaking skills.  Many activities are planned within the classroom.  Additionally, each trimester project will include a public speaking component.  The Fifth Grade Public Speaking Celebration will take place during the third trimester.  Public speaking will count towards the students' writing grades.

    Field Trips
    We hope to attend the following fifth grade trips:
    (please see the links provided for more information)

    Please note this is a partial list and the teachers are still in the planning process for field trips.

    Reports and Projects
    Research reports are in the writing standards for most grades, and fifth is no exception.  Fifth graders will learn the important steps needed to complete a research report.  If students come to class prepared with the necessary materials and use their time in class wisely, reports will be completed during the school day.  Not only will we work on writing and researching, but time management will be a key component for completing projects.  We expect most of the project to be finished at school.

    • Trimester #1:  Severe Weather Research Report
    • Trimester #2:  State Research Report
    • Trimester #3:  Public Speaking Activities and "13 Colonies" play