• What is School Site Council?

    The legislative intent of School Site Council (SSC) is that education should be a joint effort of parents, teachers, administrators, and other school staff - those whose common goal is the success of all students, as well as having the most direct and on-going contact with those students.

    Aspen's SSC is made up of the principal, 3 teacher representatives, one classified staff member, and 5 parents.  The parents are elected and serve for two year terms.  The teachers choose to serve as their adjunct duty and the classified staff member is also selected by other staff members.

    The SSC members help to determine the focus of the school's academic instructional program and areas of need.  These areas of need are then written into Aspen's Single School Plan.  The SSC also oversees the budget allocations given from state funds.

    Meeting Dates & Times

    SSC meetings are generally held the 2nd Wednesday of every month from 3:00pm-4:00pm) except where indicated*.  They will be held  in person, but zoom will be available (no longer available as an option) and are open for all parents to attend. Please email Dr. Craven at scraven@conejousd.org for meeting information or to attend. 

    School Site Council Schedule


       Download School Site Council Schedule


    School Site Council Representatives

    The following parents, teachers, principal, and classified staff are this year’s School Site Council Representatives.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns that you would like to share about Aspen, you can email any of the representatives. 

    Elected Members:
    Shane Craven scraven@conejousd.org  Administrator 
    Torrie Marsh    Parent Rep
    Colette Noblitt     Parent Rep
    Jasmine Nottingham    Parent Rep
    Daniel Quick    Parent Rep
    Valerie Stolworthy    Parent Rep
    Diane Barrett dbarrett@conejousd.org  Teacher Rep
    Emily Fick   efick@conejousd.org  Teacher Rep
    Haley Rosenberg hrosenberg@conejousd.org  Teacher Rep
    Stacey Coombe   scoombe@conejousd.org   Classified Rep
    Other Members:
     Alison Friedman      afriedman@conejosusd.org    Alternate/PFA Rep
     Denise Lucarelli   PFA Rep
     Heather Spohr   DAC Rep
     Kiley Duncan/Anne Dyer   GATE DAC Rep

    Current Agenda

    • Coming soon!

    Previous Meeting Information

    Click below to get the current or past meeting's agenda topics. SSC Meeting Minutes are also available in the office.

    • SSC Meeting Agenda