• Character Education

    Here at Aspen, we help to prepare students to be productive citizens through our Character Counts Word of the Month program.  Each month a different character building word is highlighted and discussed throughout the school.

    The character traits we focus on during the year include: 

    August/September: Guidelines for Success

    October:  Respect

    November:  Sportsmanship

    December:  Kindness

    January:  Responsibility

    February:  Honesty

    March:  Friendship

    April:  Charity

    May:  Perseverance    

    Please take a few minutes to review this month's word with your child.  You can discuss the word's meaning and how they might apply it in their daily interactions with friends or family members.  You might also ask them what they've talked about in their classroom.

    Guidelines for Success

    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be Prepared