Our Fourth Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade

  • Our 4th grade mission is to teach your child by engaging their inquisitive nature, utilizing hands-on activities related to the real world.

    Our theme this year is "Traveling the World," with California as our base. We begin our journey to the countries where many explorers originated. Students will learn about world geography and how these explorers made their way to California. Projects and assignments will overlap across the disciplines and connect math, science, art, history and literature.

    By touring the world, the students will be able to sample a slice of other cultures, which will build upon their prior knowledge. Through this experience your child's natural curiosity will reveal its full academic potential from within.

    Grab your passport and pack your suitcase. We invite you to take this voyage with your child.

    Have a good journey!
    Tenga un buen viaje!
    Bon Voyage!
    Haben eine gute Reise!
    Ha en bra resa!
    Buon viaggio!

    ~The Fourth Grade Team~