• Technology Resources

     A variety of computer technology enriches our academic programs at Weathersfield. Students have access to our computer labs, computers in the classrooms, as well as hand held devices.  A world of opportunity is opened to our children when they make that first click.

    Many parents asked for tutorials to help navigate through our Math program, and we listened. This technology page has been updated with “How To” instructions for using our GO Math curriculum’s THINK CENTRAL website. This website will provide you with models for various math strategies being taught to your children. Parents, all students receive a login at the beginning of the school year. Please contact your child’s teacher if you need this information again.

    We have purchased a number of web-based academic software programs for both school and home use. Please see our software list below to access this information.

    Website Address Grades Educational Purpose
    ABC Mouse www.abcmouse.com TK - 3 Learning games in a variety of subjects
    ABCya www.abcya.com TK - 5 Learning games in a variety of subjects
    Almanac 4 Kids www.almanac4kids.com 3 - 5 For research
    Amazing Space http://www.amazingspace.stsci.edu/ 3 - 5 Astronomy, Planets, Science exploration
    America's Library www.americaslibrary.gov 3 - 5 Research
    BrainPOP Games/BrainPOP Jr. Games www.brainpop.com/games TK - 5 Learning games in a variety of subjects
    Brittanica for Kids http://kids.britannica.com 3 - 5 For research
    Epic Books www.getepic.com TK - 5 Digital book library
    Fact Monster www.factmonster.com 3 - 5 For research
    Free Rice www.freerice.com 3 - 5 Trivia in a variety of subjects
    IXL https://www.ixl.com/signin/ 3 - 5 Log-in provided for 3-5 kids; Math and ELA practice
    IXL - Instructions in English Click HERE    
    IXL - Instrucciones en español Click HERE    
    Lexile www.lexile.com 1 - 5 Look up book levels and find book recommendations
    Math Playground www.mathplayground.com 3 - 5 Math learning games
    Mouse Practice www.mousepractice.altervista.org TK - K Practice moving computer mouse
    Mr. Nussbaum www.mrnussbaum.com K - 5 Learning games in a variety of subjects
    Multiplication.com www.multiplication.com/games 3 - 5 Multiplication games
    NASA for Kids www.nasa.gov/kidsclub 3 - 5 Science
    National Geographic for Kids www.kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids TK - 5 Facts, games, videos, etc.
    PBS Learning Media www.pbslearningmedia.org 3 - 5 For research
    Prodigy www.prodigy.com   All math practice
    Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress www.readingeggs.com K - 5 Log-in provided to child; Reading Comprehension
    Reflex Math www.reflexmath.com K-5 Addition, subtraction, multiplication,division practice
    Seussville www.seussville.com TK - 3 Learning games based on Dr. Seuss books
    Sheppard Software www.sheppardsoftware.com K - 5 Learning games in a variety of subjects
    Smithsonian www.smithsonianmag.com 3 - 5 History and Science exploration
    Space.com www.space.com 3 - 5 Astronomy, Planets, Science exploration
    Spelling City www.spellingcity.com 2 - 5 Spelling, Word, Vocabulary games
    The Magic School Bus www.scholastic.com/magicschoolbus TK - 3 Science activities and games
    Think Central - How to Log On Click HERE    
    Think Central - Student Navigation Click HERE    
    Think Central - How to navigate website Click HERE    
    Toy Theater www.toytheater.com K - 3 Early Learning games
    tvokids www.tvokids.com TK - 5  Learning games
    Typing Games www.freetypinggame.net 2 - 5 Typing drills and games
    Vooks www.vooks.com TK - 3 Streaming library of animated children's story books. Please note, this program requires a parent-paid membership for at-home use.
    XP Math www.xpmath.com 3 - 5 Common Core math games