Music Opportunities at Weathersfield

      Music in the Classroom

      • Classroom Music Instruction

        Weathersfield offers a wonderful music program headed by Mrs. Diane Wiley where our children learn the fundamentals of music through learning to read music, play instruments, sing and dance. Mrs. Wiley incorporates lessons about language, world cultures, history and math in her instruction, and teaches them how to play keyboards, recorders and hand bells. When she teaches students to celebrate music through dance, they learn the waltz, the electric slide, square dancing and swing dancing.

        Mrs. Wiley also teaches our after-school parent-paid Chorus program, which is so wildly popular that approximately one-third of our student body participates. For more information, click HERE. You can also visit Mrs. Wiley's Chorus website HERE

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      • Band

        The band program at Weathersfield Elementary School is a parent-paid program presented through the cooperative efforts of the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, CVUSD and the CRPD, and is open to students in the 4th and 5th grade who want to learn to play a band instrument. The Elementary Band Program is held in two semesters and runs for the entire year. 

        Instruments Taught:

        • Flute
        • Clarinet
        • Alto Saxophone
        • Trumpet
        • Percussion

        Please review the Band program flyer below for details regarding dates and times.

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        Teacher Information

        Janine Delwarte

        Janine Delwarte has earned her B.A. at California State University-Northridge and her M.A. at California Institute of the Arts, both degrees are in music education and performance. Janine is the director of “The Conejo Valley Summer Music Camp” and the “Elementary Instrumental Music Coordinator” for the district. She has performed throughout the world as a professional musician in all styles of music. Miss Janine brings a broad musical perspective to her students.


      • Diane Wiley
        Click here to visit the Weathersfield Chorus website

        Diane Wiley is entering her 24th year as our Weathersfield Chorus Director.  Our Chorus shows are always so fun, and they give the singers experience with presenting on stage, with an audience, and singing a great variety of new music. The program is wildly popular with our families and students!


        View below and/or HERE for information on how to register:

        Fall 2023 Chorus flyer ENGLISH

        Weathersfield Chorus Fall 2023 SPANISH


      • Strings

        The Weathersfield Strings program is a parent paid program presented through the cooperative efforts of the Arts Council of the Conejo Valley, CVUSD and the Conejo Recreation & Park District. Instrumental music can enhance your child's educational experience through creative self-esteem, emotional release and satisfaction, discipline of achievements, cooperating and performing with fellow students.

        The Strings Program is for students who wish to learn to play violin, viola, or cello. Students will be taught to play their instruments, read music, and perform together with other student musicians. All students will have the opportunity to perform in the Fred Kavli Theatre at the Civic Arts Plaza in May as a part of the All District Strings Festival. 

        Materials Needed:

        • Instrument- Rent or purchase
        • Music Book: Purchase from teacher once class has begun
        • Shoulder Rest “Kuhn” (or like company) for violin/violas
        • Extra Strings- (violins/violas only) 1 A-string, 1 D-string
        • A folding music stand (kept at home for practice) is suggested

        Supplemental material will be provided by the instructor at no extra charge. Parents are responsible for providing the instruction book and an instrument and the Stings Instructor will provide information on where to purchase the instruction book and where to rent and instruments. Some schools may be able to provide instruments. Check with your school’s Strings Instructor to see if instruments are available for loan. It is suggested to rent the instrument for the first semester.

        Strings Schedule:

        The Strings class is offered twice weekly.

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