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    Maintaining communication with teachers and staff is important. Below is contact information to assist you:

    Our front office is open from 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

    If your child is absent, please call our 24-hour attendance line at 805-374-9743

  • Teaching Staff

    NameSorted By Name In Ascending Order Title E-Mail Extension
    Balsley, Brian Teacher - Grade 3 E-Mail x212
    Bernkoff, Doreen Teacher - Title 1 Target Time E-Mail x227
    Brown, Denise Teacher - Grade 5 E-Mail x215
    Budzyn, Sara Teacher - Kindergarten E-Mail x201
    Caldwell, Amanda Teacher - Learning Center E-Mail x203
    Chun, Elsje Teacher - Grade 3 E-Mail x213
    Cook, Kimberly Teacher - TK E-Mail x232
    Davidson, Kathleen Teacher - Grade 1 E-Mail x209
    Gomez-Benito, Sue Teacher - Grade 2 E-Mail x214
    Hocutt, Cathy Teacher - Grade 2 E-Mail x210
    Kinberg, Gloria Teacher - Grade 4 E-Mail x216
    Lee, Rachel Teacher - Title 1 Target Time E-Mail x227
    Lewis, Kim Teacher - Grade 1 E-Mail x206
    Maloney, RJ Teacher - Grade 4/5 E-Mail x217
    Miller, Muriel Academic Literacy Specialist E-Mail x205
    Rogers, Flo Teacher - Title I Target Time E-Mail x227
    Stoll, Shelly Teacher - Kindergarten E-Mail x202

    Office Staff

    Name Title E-Mail Extension
    Casillas, Elsa Office Manager E-Mail x100
    Dury, Annee Health Clerk E-Mail x106
    Vina, Vivian Principal E-Mail  
    Escalante, Carmen School Outreach Assistant E-Mail x104
    Gabriela Granados Office Assistant III E-Mail x 114

    Support Staff

    NameSorted By Name In Ascending Order Title E-Mail Extension
    Abraham, Mary PE Specialist E-Mail x223
    Carrillo, Estrella Paraeducator/Bilingual-Spanish E-Mail  
    Clark, Zedith Paraeducator/Bilingual-Spanish E-Mail  
    Heninger, Jill Librarian/IMT (T,W,TH) E-Mail x108
    Hernandez, Sandra ELD Facilitator E-Mail x221
    Herrera, Rose Child Nutrition E-Mail x113
    Keene, Tina Para Educator I E-Mail  
    Magdaleno, Gabriela Bilingual Social Worker (M,Th) E-Mail x110
    Martinez, Lorena Counselor (Fridays) E-Mail x110
    Reyes, Martha Paraeducator/Bilingual-Spanish E-Mail