Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

  • Program Design
    • There is a District Advisory Council for GATE. The group meets once a month to discuss program needs. The Glenwood representative brings back the information to disseminate to the parents of the GATE children.
    • Gifted learners are cluster grouped at Glenwood. This cluster design provides true intellectual peers and thereby facilitates dynamic interaction and is an important factor in meeting the social and emotional needs of GATE children.
    • Glenwood has one teacher as the GATE coordinator. This teacher models demonstration lessons and brings information to the staff from GATE meetings.
    • Glenwood's identification procedures are equitable, comprehensive, and ongoing. They reflect the district's definition of giftedness and its relationship to current state criteria.
    • The staff receives training about the characteristics of gifted learners.
    • Parent permission is required and kept on file for students to participate.
    • Once identified, the student remains in the GATE program for the duration of their elementary education.
    • Referrals are collected by Pupil Services once a year for spring testing. The due date for new referrals is November 21. Referrals can be submitted through a child's teacher by teacher, parent, or administrative request.
    Curriculum and Instruction
    • Teachers, parents, and administrators, and counselors are provided with information regarding the related social and emotional development.
    • Teachers are trained to recognize symptoms of at-risk behavior in the GATE student.
    Professional Development
    • Professional development opportunities are offered during the year to teachers to support and improve educational practices.
    Parent and Community Involvement
    • An active GATE advisory committee with parent involvement is supported by the district
  • GATE Event Meetings
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    GATE/DAC Meetings
    Location & Times
    District Office - Board Room