Contact Information Changes


    If you have moved, or move during the school year, please submit one (1) of the following:

    • (a) Property tax payment receipt
    • (b) Rental property contract, lease, or payment receipt (on official letterhead) issued within the last 45 days
    • (c) Utility service contract, statement showing billing and service address within the last 45 days (gas, electric, trash or water, telephone bills are not accepted
    • (d) Pay stub with legal name and current address issued within the last 45 days
    • (e) Voter registration
    • (f) Correspondence from a government agency issued within the last 45 days.

    In addition, a new “Declaration of Residency” (Click HERE for English Form) (Click HERE for Spanish Form) will need to be filled out. A separate Declaration of Residency form is required for EACH individual student. Please indicate if the change is for one or both parents. For your convenience, these forms may be faxed to (805) 497-3734 or e-mailed to:

    May be changed on Q Parent Portal Connection (Click HERE for Q)