Code of Conduct

  • Redwood Middle School Student Handbook



    A positive approach to discipline is our goal at Redwood.

    In order to deal with a situation before it becomes a disciplinary problem, we urge parent conferences as a preventive measure in dealing with poor student behavior. Telephone conferences between parents and teachers, counselors, or administrators are encouraged as a first step in solving possible problems. Teachers may request a conference with a student's parents to discuss lack of academic achievement or poor behavior in class. Parents are urged to request a conference whenever a problem becomes apparent. The counselor is also available for conferencing, and may suggest a meeting with student, parents, all teachers and the counselor. The school administrators often initiate parent conferences for disciplinary reasons.

    Code of Conduct

    Students Rights:

    All students have the right to attend school on a safe and orderly campus, which has a structured, pleasant atmosphere, based on mutual respect.

    Students Responsibility - Students shall:

    • Be considerate of the rights, safety, property and feelings of others.
    • Be courteous and respectful to all teachers and other adults on campus.
    • Be responsible and accountable for all materials issued to them (textbooks, library books, locks, lockers, keys, I.D. cards).
    • Be on time to all classes.
    • Bring proper materials to all classes every day.

    Students shall not:

    • Use profane or vulgar language
    • Chew gum
    • Throw objects of any kind
    • Harass another student in any way
    • Climb trees or rocks
    • Deface, damage or destroy school property
    • Litter school grounds
    • Possess or use cigarettes, tobacco, lighters, matches or any smoking related paraphernalia.
    • Possess alcohol or drugs (including over the counter medications)
    • Ride skateboards, skates, or bikes on campus
    • Use walkmans, radios, Ipods or video games on campus

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