School Site Council

  • The Newbury Park High School Site Council is a committee of administrators, teachers, parents, and students who meet monthly to discuss issues concerning Newbury Park’s students and campus. Members also participate in developing and monitoring our Single School Plan for Student Achievement, which includes oversight of the School Improvement Budget and reviewing school policies and procedures. The state allots School Improvement Program (SIP) funds; it is the Site Council’s responsibility to approve the allocation of SIP funds with the goal of meeting the needs of the at-risk population as well as promoting the academic, physical, social and emotional development of all Newbury students.

    Membership in School Site Council is a great way to participate in your child’s education and learn more about Newbury and the Conejo Valley Unified School District. Meetings are open to the public and take place via zoom. 

    Chair: Subha Tholudur
    Vice-Chair: Gisella Stanley
    Secretary: Susan Schulte
    Parliamentarian:  Shannon Diffner Nese

    School Administration

    • Principal: Steve Lepire
    • Assistant Principal: Kristina Keener
    • Assistant Principal: Linda Eckelkamp
    • Counselor: Edith Cortes

    Certificated Teacher and Classified Representatives

    • Teacher: Derek Grimes
    • Teacher: Jill Magnante
    • Faculty Clerk: Icela Sabory
    • Teacher: Colette Simpson

    Parent Representatives

    • DELAC: Gisella Stanley
    • SEDAC: Jenny Crosby/ Shadi Khodavandloo (alternate)
    • DAC: Beth Neal
    • GATE: 
    • PFA: Tammi Taggert
    • Parent: Denise Benic

    Student Representatives

    • Freshmen: Nehemiah Hylton
    • Sophomores: Ahana Bhunia 
    • Juniors: Lindsay Freedman 
    • Seniors:  Desmond Perez
    • SDAC Rep: Karyss Amato/Evan Sussman
    • ASB: Bradley Carver