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    The fastest way to contact your counselor via e-mail by clicking on one of the email links below. Alternatively, you can come to the counseling office with no appointment before school, at break, at lunch, or after school. You can also request that your counselor send a pass for you during class, but note that you will miss instruction and you should plan ahead accordingly. 


    If you have a question or concern about your student’s current grade, or the content or procedures in a class, please contact the teacher directly using the hyperlinks in Q. Use Q/Canvas to monitor your student’s academic progress and attendance regularly. If you have a general counseling question, many answers can be found using the Counseling website (use the Alphabetical Counseling Index to narrow resources). If you need further assistance with a general counseling question, please call (805) 498-3676, ext. 1015 or 1016 to speak with a Counseling Secretary. If you have a specific counseling question (for which you cannot find an answer within the Counseling Index of Links or via the counseling secretaries), you can contact your student’s counselor via e-mail by using the links below:

    Counseling Secretaries

    Leila Bernstein (805) 498-3676 x1016 E-mail: 

    Eunice Reyes  (805) 498-3676 x1015    E-mail:


    Harriet Osinski (805) 498-3676 x1037 E-mail:


    A – Dej    Mrs. Tina Choi E-mail:

    Del – Ji    Mrs. Tina Coleman E-mail:

    Joh – Mot    Mrs. Lesley Nedwick E-mail:

    Moy – Sca & EL Students     Ms. Edith Cortes  E-mail:

    Sch – Z     Mr. Rik Napora E-mail:  VIRTUAL OFFICE