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    Until students and staff return to the NPHS campus in person, the best way to contact your counselor via e-mail by clicking on one of the links below.


    If you have a question or concern about your student’s current grade, or the content or procedures in a class, please contact the teacher directly using the Staff Directory. You can use Q/Canvas to monitor your student’s academic progress and attendance. If you have a general counseling question, many answers can be found using the Counseling website and the Alphabetical Counseling Index or the Frequently Asked Questions links. If you need further assistance with a general counseling question, please call (805) 498-3676, ext. 1015 or 1016 to speak with a Counseling Secretary. If you have a specific counseling question for which you cannot find an answer for via the Counseling Index of Links, you can contact your student’s counselor via e-mail by clicking one of the links below:

    Counseling Secretaries

    Leila Shiber (805) 498-3676 x1016 E-mail:

    Eunice Reyes  (805) 498-3676 x1015    E-mail:


    Harriet Osinski (805) 498-3676 x1037 E-mail:


    A – Da    Mrs. Tina Choi E-mail:

    De – I    Mrs. Tina Coleman E-mail:

    J – Mo    Mrs. Lesley Nedwick E-mail:

    Mu – Sanc & EL Students     Ms. Edith Cortes  E-mail:

    Sand – Z     Mr. Rik Napora E-mail:  VIRTUAL OFFICE