• Ambassador

    We are on the lookout for some wonderful 11th & 12th Grade Panthers to show their pride as Ambassadors. We want those who know this school, want to learn more about it, and are able to share and communicate with others all that NPHS has to offer. Please proceed if you are one of those awesome NPHS students. Ambassador Application

  • Officer

    Beginning September 5th, any Freshman who is interested in running for a Class Officer position will be able to apply. Positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Click on the link below to access the online application. The link is now live and will close on September 28th.


    Class of 2027 Officer Application


    Criteria to apply include, but are not limited to, the following:


    - Have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of candidacy (verified with counselor signature) and maintain the same academic standard for the duration of their term.

    - Demonstrate exemplary behavior prior to becoming a class officer, verified with a signature from the Assistant Principal of Activities.

    - Maintain a minimum of 90% attendance per semester, verified with a signature from the attendance office.

    - A student may not be allowed to run for office, as determined by the ASG advisor(s) and administration, if they have committed any suspendable offense during high school, or has committed any other inappropriate behavior, such as academic dishonesty, during high school.

    - At least two members of each class board must be enrolled in the ASG class.

    Class officers will be subject to evaluation by the ASG board, ASG advisor(s), and class advisors between Term 1 and Term 2, and may be asked to review their position requirements if necessary.