• A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further his or her education. In order to qualify for many scholarships, an applicant must demonstrate certain attributes, such as academic success, athletic skills, or other talents. Keep in mind that students do NOT have to wait until their senior year to apply! Check out the links below to get started on your search.

    The College & Career Center (read the bulletin regularly), in addition to publishing a monthly financial aid/scholarship bulletin, consistently posts every scholarship offer NPHS receives on the list. 

    The NPHS Panther Scholarship and the “Common Scholarship” application. In the Spring, make sure you listen to the daily announcements and check the College and Career Center website for information regarding how seniors apply for both of these fantastic scholarship opportunities. The Panther Scholarship is ONLY for NPHS students, and the Common Scholarship application will allow you to apply to many local scholarships with a single application.

    Colleges! Many students do not realize that most colleges offer various scholarships for both continuing and incoming students. Although some of the scholarships will be automatically match with qualified applicants based on the admissions application, other scholarships require that a student apply to them separately. Search each campus for scholarships by visiting the financial aid/scholarship pages.

    GoingMerry (huge database of scholarships matched to students by specific criteria)

    Raise Me (free money at various colleges for kids who have certain achievements)

    WUE (reduced tuition for Californians who attend colleges in western states)

    Make sure that you not only apply early for scholarships to meet the deadlines but also pay close attention to the criteria! Some scholarships require essays, some require letters of recommendation, and others require both.