Moorpark College


    BEFORE you choose to take a dual enrollment class or classes, check this out. 

    To take a class at Moorpark College (or Oxnard/Ventura Colleges), high school students must do everything in THIS PRESENTATION ...please review ALL of it (if you already have a myvcccd account, you will NOT have to create another one)!

    *FOR the MOU make sure you enter the course abbreviation correctly (example: Communication M01 = COMM M01) and use your counselor’s email address under Counselor’s email. Sign the bottom and submit it. DO NOT enter the principal’s email address.

    **Ms. Choi = **Ms. Coleman = **Ms. Cortes = **Ms. Nedwick = **Mr. Napora =

    *If your class needs a Prerequisite Clearance, ask Ms. Bernstein for a copy of your Transcript. Then submit the transcript to the Prerequisite Clearance Form. If you plan to take a math or English course, READ THIS


    California Community Colleges no longer offer courses equivalent to high school algebra 1 and high school algebra 2. Students are HIGHLY encouraged to take up to (and preferably beyond) algebra 2 while in high school. To select the math class at Moorpark for which you qualify, review this.




    Sending your transcript: After logging into MyVCCCD, select "Order Transcripts" under My Student Records, and you will be directed to the transcript ordering process. Once you are logged on, Parchment will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. Please carefully follow all instructions. Make sure you send your transcript to Status updates of your order will be emailed to the email account you list on your order. Transcript requests can typically be processed within one business day of the completed order. Your unofficial transcript is available through MyVCCCD under My Student Records.  

    NOTE: Some colleges will not count community college coursework taken while an applicant was in high school IF that coursework was added to a high school transcript. Ideally, students should put ONLY courses on their high school transcript that are necessary to meet graduation requirements.