Honors/IB/AP Classes & Academic Waivers

  • For descriptions of the content that you can expect in various honors level courses,  CLICK HERE

    You need a B or above final grade in current honors course to move to the next honors course OR you need to complete the Academic Waiver Form  

    You need an A as a final grade in current CP course to take the next level honors course OR you need to complete the Academic Waiver Form  

    The Reality:

    Even if a student meets the minimum requirements to enroll in an honors class it does not mean that doing so is ideal. Some important things for students and parents to consider are:

    1. Is the student genuinely interested in the subject?

    2. Is the subject an inherent strength for the student?

    3. Does the student have the work ethic required for success in an honors class?

    4. Does the student have the time to devote to the honors class?

    5. Does the student ask questions/seek assistance/attend school-based tutoring?

    If the answer to even ONE of these aspects is NO, honors may not be the best placement! Your student’s current teachers/counselors are the best source of accurate information for these considerations.