Career Education Center (aka ROP/CTE)

  • Interested in taking a class to help you launch your career (or to figure out what you are interested in)? If so, consider taking one of many available courses offered by the Career Education Center.

    For a course catalog, click HERE.

    For the District website, click HERE.

    Students from NPHS who want to take a CEC course have one of two options:

    1. Take a CEC course offered on the NPHS campus.

    2. Take a CEC course offered off the NPHS campus.

    To find out exactly when and where the CEC class that interests you is offered, refer to the catalog in the link above.

    To register for the class that interests you, follow these instructions.

    If you take a CEC course OFF campus, and if it takes place during the NPHS school day, you will most likely need to request a free 5th and 6th period.