• Welcome to the Madroña Library

    Open Books = Open Minds

    Mrs. Gershwin loves to read! Each week she selects books to read aloud to the students, fostering a love of reading, and supporting classroom learning.  She enjoys helping students find their “good fit” books and teaches them basic library skills. Her favorite thing is sharing new books with the students.

    Mrs. Gershwin also runs many special events in the Library. Madrona participates in the California Young Reader Program where students vote for their favorite books, Mix It Up March which encourages students to try reading something new, Bi-Monthly Author Spotlights that introduce students to the works of authors, PTA sponsored Book Fairs, and the annual Poetry Slam where students get to perform their favorite or original poems with a microphone.

    Our Library is a wonderful place for students to explore, and Mrs. Gershwin constantly adds new books to our collection. There is always something for everyone!

    Library Hours

    Monday- Thursday 9:00 am - 2:30 pm

    Students are welcome to come to the library during various recesses, during their classroom visits, and after school. 

    Library Rules
    The library contains a wide selection of books, reference materials, and search computers. In order to make the library a pleasant and productive place for everyone, there are three major library rules we use:
    - Be considerate of other people in the library. That means using a quiet voice and not distracting others.
    - Take care of materials and equipment.
    - Return items on time and in good condition.

    Download the Library Handbook
    Download Lost/Damaged Book Fees

    Parent Resource Library
    The Madroña Library houses a Parent Resource Library which has books and videos on many topics of interest to parents such as ADHD, Autism, Diet, Parenting Skills, Dyslexia and many more. All parents are invited to check out these resources. Come take a look!

    Library Wish List
    Our library has a wish list on Amazon.com with terrific selections of new and used books. Click here.

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