Third Grade

  • All third graders participate in a rigorous, hands-on science curriculum that includes physical investigations and interactive field trips. Students begin the year by studying Matter and Energy. Through active investigations, students develop a basic understanding of how energy is stored and used in daily life. Your child participates in an exciting unit of light absorption and reflection and then moves toward conducting and observing chemical reactions. You child is also exposed to the introduction of atoms and elements.

    In the Earth Science module, Sun, Moon, and Stars, your child will learn how objects in the sky move in regular and predictable patterns. Your child will also participate in the exciting Portable Planetarium where students are able to explore a simulation of the night sky and observe relationships between celestial bodies. Reading and writing experiences are integrated as the students study Chumash folklore and make connections between the sun, moon, and stars throughout history.

    The Structures of Life module further develops students’ interest and enthusiasm as they observe, compare, categorize, and care for a selection of organisms like crayfish. Through careful investigation and observation, students learn to identify properties of plants and animals. Your child will determine how plants and animals adapt to their environment for survival, and how this biological process impacted native communities in California. This unit includes a visit to the Santa Monica Mountains and provides the opportunity to observe this process at the Satwiwa Interpretive Center.