Fourth Grade

  • All fourth grade students at EARTHS Magnet School are exposed to hands-on investigations in three core areas that promote critical thinking and problem solving. These investigations lead to rich learning opportunities and are supported by field trips to further enhance global thinking and global awareness.

    In the Environments Module, students further develop understanding for the relationship between an organism and its environment and the adaptations that occur for survival. Students will study terrestrial and aquatic environments and analyze changes in a complex system.   Students will learn more of the marine environment as we travel to the beach and to Anacapa Island to see relationships of aquatic and terrestrial environments.

    In the Solid Earth Module, students investigate the relationship between rocks and minerals. Students gain knowledge in identification of rocks through hands-on experiments testing for hardness, streak, luster, and other related properties. Students study the changing Earth’s surface with experiments in weathering, erosion, and deposition. In continuing the writing process, students hypothesize, predict, gather data, and reflect on many exciting experiments. This module culminates with a dynamic, not-to-be-missed, year-end performance of “Geology Rocks”!


    Students are further exposed to the concepts of physical science in the Magnetism and Electricity Module. In this area, students observe the process of magnetism through the measurement of force between two magnets and detecting magnetic fields. Students also build open, closed, and parallel circuits and make connections to everyday uses. 

    In all three modules, your child is encouraged to develop questions, test theories, and draw conclusions about his or her observations. Data collection and analytical skills are emphasized as students participate in an inquiry-based classroom.