Second Grade

  • In second grade, students remain on the path of studying scientific topics in depth. Activities are developmentally appropriate with emphasis on experiences that enrich their learning. In the science module, Solids and Liquids, students will learn that all materials are made up of matter and can be described by their properties. Students will observe that solids and liquids can be combined together and understand that change in matter happens through heating and cooling.

    In Insects and Plants, the focus for students will be discovering that all plants and animals have needs which are met by their specific environment. Additionally, living things have structures that help them survive in their habitat. Through observation and hand-on investigations, students will understand that many kinds of plants and animals interact in different environments on both land and in water.

    Second grade’s final science unit, Pebbles, Sand, and Silt, your child discovers the wonder of rocks and fossils. Earth materials and natural resources are discussed and through exciting literature and students will begin to understand more abstractly the world in which they live.

    You child will connect these experiences to information he/she gathers from reading about habitats of plants and animals and will help to further motivate your child to explore the wonderful world around them.