LCMS Math Department


    The LCMS Math Department is committed to high-quality instruction that focuses on quality over quantity. We value collaboration, critical thinking, and productive struggle in our math classrooms. Our goal is for students to be able to make sense of mathematical problems by reasoning both abstractly and quantitatively, and demonstrate appropriate use of mathematical models and tools.

    Despite the popular belief that some people are born better at math than others, there’s plenty of research that demonstrates that anyone and everyone can learn math. Watch this video from Stanford Professor Jo Boaler for more information about being a “math person.” 

    This year our focus is on implementing Peter Liljedahl’s Building Thinking Classrooms in Mathematics into all of our classrooms. We are also using a new program called Peer Teach that provides intervention, enrichment, and social-emotional support to all students. 


    Below, you can find links to articles and websites that support our goals as a department:

    Building Thinking Classrooms

    Peer Teach



    If you have any questions about a current student’s math course, we encourage you to reach out to your student’s teacher or check their Canvas page which is full of helpful resources and lesson plans posted daily. For any other questions about our math department, please feel free to email our math department chair, Mrs. Madeline Landseadel, at


Math Help




    Math help is available on

    Thursdays in Rm. C-2

    3:15p - 4:00p