• LCMS Choir Program


    The LCMS Choir program is a high-achieving and award-winning program open to any student that want to learn to sing or loves to sing! The program has over 140 students, which is currently the largest choir program in the district, and is even requested at times to perform in the community, be in recording studios, and collaborated with professional musicians/artists.

    We offer five classes, and those are split up into two levels. Our introductory level consists of two choirs, and all 6th graders that join choir start here. These two choirs are also open to 7th and 8th grade singers that are new to choir. We teach students how to sing up to two-part harmonies, and introduce them to reading and understanding music. Our advanced levels are split up into three classes, two SSA (higher pitched) groups, and one TTB (lower pitched) group. These advanced groups are the ones that will take on extra performances, compete at choir festivals, and represent Los Cerritos Middle School at the All District Chorus Festival.

    If you have any questions or would like to attend one of our concerts, email Mr. Goldstein.