WEB: Where Everybody Belongs

  • WEB Program

    WEB, “Where Everybody Belongs,” is a program at Colina that welcomes and supports incoming 6th-grade students during their first year of middle school. WEB is led by carefully selected 8th-grade students identified for being a positive role model who are trained to be “mentors and student leaders who guide 6th-graders to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition to middle school and help facilitate 6th-grade success.”

    WEB: Anti-bullying Program

    At Colina, WEB leaders also act as a cadre whose goal is to identify bullying behavior and help to stop it. They pride themselves on ensuring that Colina is a safe space for all students.

    WEB: Transition Program

    • Middle School Orientation: WEB leaders begin their mentorship with incoming 6th-grade students at Cougar Camp and New Student Orientation day.
    • Academic Follow-ups: WEB leaders support their 6th-grade students throughout the school year through activities done during CORE class. They focus on the mantra, “Why limit yourself?”
    • Social Follow-ups: WEB leaders connect with their 6th-grade students outside the classroom at events like the Back-to-School Social, lunchtime tie-dye activities, and other special events.
    • Leader-initiated Contacts: WEB leaders continue to connect with their 6th-grade students through phone calls, email alerts, and participating in various WEB clubs on campus.

    For more information on WEB, please visit The Boomerang Project.
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