Welcome to the Colina Library!

  • “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them." -- Lemony Snickett

    Here at the Colina library, we strive to promote academic curiosity and a love of reading. We offer access to resources relevant to school curriculum and student interests as well as a quiet place to sit and study.

    We do have a few rules… you probably know what they are:

    • No food or drink.
    • Please, no cell phone use in the library.
    • PLEASE push in your chair. It's a simple sign of respect.
    • Please respect other students in the library.

    Popular books in your school library:

    We have over 8,000 fiction and non-fiction titles!

    Your school library also has 30 computers where students can work on school-related assignments before school and during lunch.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact the library: 805-495-7429 x 1018

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      Library Hours

      • "Without libraries what have we? We have no past and we have no future." -- Ray Bradbury


        The library is open Monday through Thursday from 8:30am- 2:30 pm. Students may visit the library before school, during nutrition and lunch, and during CORE (with CORE teacher permission).

      Library Policies


        How many books can I check out?
        You may have up to 3 books checked out at a time.

        What if my book is late?
        Late fees are 10 cents per day. Late fees are waived once book is returned.

        What if I lose my book?
        Please see the librarian. You are responsible for replacing the book or paying for a replacement.

        What are the library rules?
        You know the rules.... No eating or drinking in the library. Respect your fellow Cougars in the library by talking with an "inside voice." Noisy students will be asked to leave. Please do not use your cell phone in the library, and remember to push in your chair when you leave.

        What happens if I damage or lose a book?
        Please don't do this! If the unthinkable happens, book damage will cost you the full replacement cost. If you lose it, well... you will have to replace it. Textbook prices are included on this webpage. Lost workbooks? Please see librarian.

        If you have any other questions, please feel free to come in and talk to the librarian. We love to get book suggestions, so come see the librarian if there are books that you would like to see us add to our collection.

      Textbook Prices


        We Offer 2 Choices for How to Replace a Textbook:

        (Textbook Prices are for Replacements, not Purchases. For information on purchases or summer loans, go to the 2nd textbook sets/Summer Loans.)

        Option 1: Pay the replacement cost (shipping and tax is already included) by cash or check made payable to Colina Middle School, OR
        Option 2: Using the correct ISBN number and Year of Publication, purchase a NEW replacement textbook (CA edition) from a textbook vendor and provide the replacement book to the Library. Books in less than NEW condition will not be accepted. Hardcover textbooks must be replaced with hardcovers. Softcover textbooks must be replaced with softcovers. To locate textbook vendors that carry the book you need, Google the book's ISBN number.

        Lost or severely damaged books need to be replaced at the full replacement price. Books with minor damage will be charged according to the type of damage. 


        Grade 6:

        Big Ideas Math Course 1 (ISBN 9781608406692) Yr 2015: $100

        Big Ideas Math Advanced 1 (ISBN 9781608406739) Yr 2015: $100
        History Alive! The Ancient World (ISBN 978-1-58371-217-7), Yr 2017 $100
        Prentice Hall Focus on Earth Science (ISBN 013201274X), Yr 2008: $100

        Grade 7:

        Big Ideas Math Course 2 (ISBN 9781608406708) Yr 2015: $100

        Big Ideas Math Advanced 2 (ISBN 9781608406746) Yr 2015: $100
        History Alive! The Medieval World and Beyond(ISBN 978-1-58371-238-2), Yr 2019: $100

        Prentice Hall Focus on Life Science (ISBN 0132012723), Yr 2008: $100

        Grade 8:

        Prentice Hall Algebra Readiness (ISBN 0133500160), Yr 2009: $72
        Big Ideas Math Course 3 (ISBN 9781608406722) Yr 2015: $100
        Big Ideas Math Algebra 1 (honors) (ISBN 9780544585676) Yr 2015: $100
        McDougell Littell Geometry (ISBN 061881194X) Yr 2007: $102
        History Alive! The United States Through Industrialism (ISBN 978-1-58371-271-9) Yr 2017 $100
        Prentice Hall Focus on Physical Science (CP) (ISBN 0132012707) Yr 2008: $100
        Prentice Hall Physical Science Concepts in Action (Honors) (ISBN 0131258893) Yr 2006: $100
        McGraw Hill Education Asi se dice! (ISBN 978-0-02-136747-4) $100

        If you have any questions, please call the Librarian at 495-7429, x1018 or email mgarcia@conejousd.org.

      2nd Textbook Sets/Summer Loans


        If you want a second set of textbooks or textbooks over the summer, you will need to connect with the librarian, Michelle Garcia, via email at mgarcia@conejousd.org.