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  • ASB (Associated Student Body): If you are not making a difference then what are you doing?

    Colina has a strong tradition of being not only academically rigorous but activity oriented. Teachers are constantly evaluating and reflecting on lessons to check that students are meeting their goals and objectives; we want student leaders do the same. Colina ASB students will be immersed in “making a difference” for themselves, their peers, and by refraction… their school community. Leadership in all capacities is essentially service. John Wooden’s coaching influence and pyramid of success will form the base from which students will practice service. It is in service where students experience a little sacrifice that will allow them to grow and proudly say that they are making a difference. Wooden was once quoted saying, “You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for another without thought of something in return”. It is little nuggets like these that will continue to drive Colina’s positive climate and culture toward many perfect days.

    As we build our student leaders, we will place emphasis on students serving themselves without being self-servant. By “serving themselves”, we want students to gain confidence and peace of mind by making the effort to become the best of which they are capable. We will challenge these student leaders to build strong character so that they are prepared to influence the most exciting and dynamic piece campus life…..their peers. Through academic rigor and activities, Colina ASB students will be charged with connecting your student(s) to school by providing opportunities to positively experience campus life. Whether through sports, spirit, dance, yearbook or renaissance we look forward to the opportunity to make a difference in you.

    With anticipation of a great year-

    Colina ASB

Learn More About Colina's ASB

      ASB (Associated Student Body)

      • ASB is a leadership and service program for 7th and 8th graders involving about 100 students. Students must apply for this elective class, after attending Friday leadership classes instructed by the principal, Mr. Frank.

        Colina has 2 ASB Elective classes plus a CORE Sports Leadership class that have their own teacher adviser, assigned administrator, and specializations – spirit, yearbook/Renaissance, and sports. They meet as a large group for governance on Mondays to manage their $100,000 budget and then work separately the rest of the week to accomplish their action items.

        Revenues are used to provide activities for every student at Colina (see a partial list of ASB sponsored activities on the left). We take time to inspire and celebrate achievements with assemblies, rallies, rewards, motivational speakers, and character education, and we prepare future ASB students in a leadership class before school during January, February and March.

      What is Associated Student Body, Really?

      • It’s an organized group of students, meeting regularly, sharing in the life of the school.

        It is: LIFE: Students solving real problems and making important decisions and speaking honest concerns.

        It is: DEMOCRACY: Each student can vote for a personal Representative! People can choose “their own best way!” The majority decides the best for the most...

        It is: RESPONSIBILITY: Each Representative carries-out the wishes of Students in activities to improve the school.

        It is: LEARNING: It is what school is about! And we learn about life, democracy, responsibility and ourselves.


      OK, What Does ASB Do?

      • ASB works for the school. It does what Students and Staff wants it to do to reach the chosen goals. It is important that we each take part in ASB activities so that it reflects the students ideas and feelings in achieving objectives.
        • Develops leadership skills among Students and Staff.
        • Promotes school spirit and pride; - sponsors awards for outstanding participation, scholarship, citizenship, and sportsmanship; - sets a positive school atmosphere
        • Encourages learning experiences for everybody.
        • Creates publicity; -about Students events and ideas; - informs, excites, and explains.
        • Raise; - money; - and high standards and student morale.
        • Coordinates the activities calendar – balances the activities program for all students.

      Ten Principles of Effective Group Leadership

        1. Leaders must be able to search-out, to recognize and live-with alternatives in accomplishing the same goal.
        2. Leaders must face honest situations and must be able to make decisions under stress. Decision-facing leads to decision-making.
        3. Leaders must be willing and able to share responsibility, to delegate authority, and to give credit to those who get results.
        4. Leaders must be effective communicators. Good communication is relevant, meaningful, and requires our physical presence (face-to-face), as well as our mental presence (Listen and concentration.)
        5. Leaders communicate best by the example that they set for others.
        6. Students seeking to lead must effectively communicate with peers and with adults.
        7. Students seeking to lead must realize that they are sharing leadership with the administration and faculty of the school.
        8. Leadership requires followership. Leading involves knowing where the group is, or “should be” headed… and how to influence them in that direction.
        9. Commitment of members of the group to the purpose(s) or task(s) is all important. Group defined goals tend to create commitment. An effective leader facilitates the group process of defining goals and achieving them.
        10. The Human needs that each member of a group brings to the task must be recognized and dealt-with. No task or purpose will ever be achieved that does not meet the individual needs of the group members in the process.

      ASB Sponsored Events & Activities

      • Halloween Carnival

        Halloween Carnival- an evening event for the entire Colina family, with costumes, booths, food and a dance for 7th and 8th graders. Run by the teachers and ASB, with PTSA support

        ASB Sponsored Activities

        Programs sponsored by ASB:

        Lunchtime Sports
        Halloween Carnival
        February Black Light Social and Dance
        Vocabulary Bee
        Spelling Bee
        Geography Bee
        Math Bowl Bee
        History Bee
        Science Olympiad
        Spirit Night
        Student Congress
        Turkey Trot
        Rabbit Run
        5K Run
        Back to School Night
        Sports After School
        Talent Show
        Motivational Speakers
        Lunchtime Sports
        Lunchtime Activities
        Meet and Greet!


        Luau - the big spring carnival and dance is aloha-style. It’s the first dance 6th graders’ attend.

      Step it Up Fundriaser

      • Step it Up is our only fundraiser. The money raised goes directly to support student activities at Colina through ASB.

        This is the biggest fundraiser of the year and all proceed benefit current Colina students in funding activities like socials/dances and the luau/carnival.

        Colina ASB has improved the school with supporting technology and replacing computers. They have purchased the new marquee in the front of the school. They also fund DJs and other vendors for dances and activities, decorations for campus beautification, and supplies for lunchtime activities.

        Thank you for your donation and support of student activities!