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      Dual Enrollment

      • How to Apply & Register for Moorpark College Classes while taking classes at NPHS

        1. Submit MC application (choose your semester) = Skip the Social security number question. (How to Apply)

        If you already have access to your MyVCCCD portal, Skip Step 2 & go to Step 3.

        2a. 24-48 hours after submitting your Application (step 1), you will receive a Welcome” Email This email EXPIRES in 10 days, you must complete step 2b below before it expires. (Example of the Email)

        2b. Click on the blue link Start the MyVCCCD Setup Wizard and go through the steps to access your MyVCCCD portal. *Record your username and password. (How to Set Up)

        If your Welcome email expired and you need a new one, you will have to contact MC Admissions

        3. Choose the class(es) you want to take from the Schedule of Classes unless the class is being offered through Newbury Park HS (skip this step, the CRN code is below in steps 5) For classes at Moorpark College, write down the 5-digit CRN class code. You will need this for Step 5 = Registration.

        4. Submit 1 MOU per semester = Add the Course Name(s) (example: Communication M01 or COMM M01) and your counselor’s email address under Counselor’s email. Sign the bottom and submit it. DO NOT enter the principal’s email address.

        **Ms. Choi = TChoi@conejousd.org **Ms. Coleman = TColeman@conejousd.org **Ms. Cortes = ECortes@conejousd.org **Ms. Nedwick = LesleyNedwick@conejousd.org **Mr. Napora = RNapora@conejousd.org

        • Once your counselor signs your MOU, it will be sent to your parent to sign. Then, 72 hours after MOU submission, you will receive an email (to your MyVCCCD portal email account) stating the dual enrollment was accepted.

        *If your class needs a Prerequisite Clearance, ask your counselor for a copy of your Transcript. Then submit the transcript in the Prerequisite Clearance Form.

        5.  May 2, 2024 = Register for Summer and Fall '24 classes in your MyVCCCD portal under the Register/Pay tab. Select the correct semester and press “submit”, complete the next few screens and then input the CRN (5 digit class code) for the class, press “Save Schedule.” Then scroll down to the bottom of screen and press “Finish Registration.” Then select the button “Pay Fees” (about $31) – for some classes, these fees have been waived. (How to Register and Pay)

        *3 days before and the First day of class, make sure to access your course in CANVAS in your MyVCCCD portal. If you miss the first day, most professors will drop you from the course. Email your professor about all concerns and questions.

        *Did you get Waitlisted? Follow these steps to get off the Wait List and in the class.

        If you would like to take a class at Oxnard College or Ventura College, the process is the same but start with their application. Ventura College Application Oxnard College Application

        Moorpark College classes start with M. Oxnard College classes start with R. Ventura College classes start with V.

        *If you have an IEP or 504 and you want accommodations for your Moorpark College class, you will need to APPLY to the ACCESS program. This takes a while, get it done now. 

        Ordering Official Transcript:                                    After logging into MyVCCCD, select "Order Transcripts" under My Student Records, and you will be directed to the transcript ordering process.                                                                                                                                 Once you are logged on, Parchment will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. Please carefully follow all instructions. Make sure you send your transcript to hosinski@conejousd.org. Status updates of your order will be emailed to the email account you list on your order.                                                                                                                                  Transcript requests can typically be processed within one business day of the completed order. Your unofficial transcript is available through MyVCCCD under My Student Records. 

      Community College -Seniors

      • Complete ALL the Following Steps to Receive Priority Registration (April 29th)

        How to apply & register: 

        1. Submit your Moorpark, Oxnard, or Ventura College Application through CaliforniaColleges. Click HERE to see how to launch the application from CaliforniaColleges. Choose the semester you are applying for & make sure to check you are a 1st time college student graduated from High School(How to Apply)

        **Even if you took dual enrollment you still have to reapply as a 1st time college student

        If you already have access to your MyVCCCD portal, Skip Step 2 & go to Step 3.

        2a. 24-48 hours after submitting your Application (step 1), you will receive a Welcome” Email = This email EXPIRES in 20 days, you must complete step 2b below before it expires. (Example of the Email)

        2b. Click on Start the MyVCCCD Setup Wizardand go through the steps to access your MyVCCCD portal. *Record your username and password. (How to Set Up)

        3. Complete 3 steps in your MyVCCCD Portal by April 28, 2024 to get Priority Registration:

        1. Pre-Registration Checklist - Located under "Register/Add/Drop"
        2. Online Orientation – Located under “Tools” & “Student Support” (Click HERE for Instructions)
        3. Student Education Plan (Click HERE for Instructions)

        4. Check your registration date/time to register for classes. (Click HERE for Instructions)

        5. Meet with a Moorpark College counselor. Click HERE to make an appointment 

        Summer 2024 Schedule 

        In California, Community College is FREE!

        For students to be eligible for the Promise they must:

        • Be a first year/first time college student or returning student
        • Have not previously earned a post-secondary degree or certificate
        • Enroll full-time (12 units) 
        • Be a California Resident or AB540 Student
        • Submit the FAFSA or CADAA each year (regardless of parents'/guardians' income)
        • Add Moorpark, Oxnard, or Ventura to your FAFSA or CADAA


        If the student qualifies for the Moorpark Promise these awards happen generally in July once we receive funding from the state. The student can contact our office in early July before the payment comes due or can contact our office at 805-378-1462 to discuss if they appear to be eligible for the Moorpark Promise.”


        WHICH CLASSES SHOULD I TAKE? IGETC or Certificate?

        What is IGETC?

        • IGETC is the pattern of courses you take to graduate with an Associate’s Degree and transfer to a 4-year university
        • Most Common Course Load is 4-6 classes each semester for a total of 12-18 units
        • Classes may be online, hybrid half of online and in person, or in person
        • Want to graduate in 2 years? You need 15 or more units every semester (not including summer.) 
        • Summer classes help to make sure you graduate on time. 

        In addition to IGETC, you need to complete classes in your MajorGoogle “Name of College + Name of Major” Example: Moorpark College Business Major

        What’s a Certificate?

        • For students who want to step into the work force after Moorpark College. 
        • Takes about 18 months to earn your Certificate.
        • You can receive a Certificate in any subject area: Arts. Media & Entertainment, Business & Technology, Communication & Languages, Education & Teaching, Health & Wellness, Human Behavior & Society, Science & Math.


        • What is a Pre-Requisite? A class you must take first before taking a more challenging class
        • How do I know if my class has a Pre-Requisite? When you are looking at a class schedule, there is a column labeled “Pre/Coreq” If the words “Pre/Coreq” are in blue under that column, click on it. The description of the class will tell you the pre-requisite class you need to register for that class. 

        Example: CHEM M01A = Prerequisites: CHEM M11 or CHEM M12 or one year of high school chemistry, or equivalent and MATH M03 or two years of high school algebra (equivalent to Intermediate Algebra), or equivalent.

        Step #1 Fill out the Clearance Form and insert your transcript.

        Step #2 Wait up to 72 hours for an email to your MyVCCCD Portal that states your Pre-Requisite has been cleared. Then go and register for the class.

        AP/IB CREDIT

        Did you take AP/IB exams and pass?! Make sure to log into your AP/IB scores (once released) and send official scores to your college.

        Now you will receive credit for that class & you do not have to take it.


        Interested in knowing a little more about your future professors? Search now to see if the professor will be a good fit. Sometimes the reviews are helpful and sometimes, not.

      Scholarships & Financial Aid

      • Scholarships:


        Apply for Local and National Scholarships HERE


        **If you have any questions please contact Ms. Ornelas

        Financial Aid:

        Up-Coming Financial Aid Workshops:

        • TBD

        Virtual Assistance:

        • TBD

        Tips and Tricks

        • Call the Financial Aid Office at your institution with a parent/guardian (if possible) to see if there is extra aid
        • Confirm your Financial Aid and tuition bill
        • Specifically, ask about jobs in HOUSING. These jobs can give FREE room & board (you may not get it Freshman year, but it could come in handy for the years after)
        • Are you attending a college in the West? Check out these WUE Colleges who reduce out-of-state tuition for California residents
        • For out-of-state public colleges, ask them about obtaining in-state residency, what is required? You may switch to in-state tuition if you become a resident
        • Email or call your intended major's department to ask about opportunities for incoming Freshman
        • Do not miss any deadlines or cool opportunities like study abroad, internships, research, jobs, grants, and more money

        College Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

        • ROTC prepares college students for future service opportunities within the Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, or Space Force
        • Join the ROTC Program at your institution during your Freshman year
        • You do not sign a contract to become an Officer until Sophomore year. If you decide the ROTC program is NOT right for you, you do not have to continue (no penalties because you are not under contract) 
        • If you decide it IS right for you, they will pay your tuition, earn a stipend each month, and help pay for your room & board and books
        • When you complete the ROTC Program you start your military career as an Officer
        • There are deadlines! Do not miss them!
        • Click HERE to view the list of participating colleges and universities 


      AP & IB Exams

      • 2024 Testing Information

        AP/IB Exam Schedule: CLICK HERE

        AP Registration Information:

        1. General AP exam information HERE
        2. Register on College Board using the join code provided by your teacher for each exam you want to take. Join codes are also posted HERE and in The Panther CCC (room B-1)
          • Instructions to register for your exam are found HERE
        3. Payment due on Q Parent Connect by 11/1/2023. Instructions HERE
          • $40 late fee for any payments made after 11/1/23
          • Last day for late registration and payment: March 1, 2024
        4. AP Refund Request FormHERE Students must log into their @learn.conejousd.net account to fill out the form
          • $50 cancellation fee
          • Refunds accepted through June 1, 2024
        5. AP Alternate Testing Request Form HERE 
          • Students must log into their @learn.conejousd.net account
          • Must be a reason that is approved by CollegeBoard , or additional charges may apply. (see reasons here)  
          • If a school administers late-testing exams, students must test on the scheduled late-testing dates


        IB Registration Information:

        2023 IB Exams – Registration Open Now through Nov 1

        Exams at NPHS run April 26 – May 19.

        Here is a link to the IB exam registration instructions.

        Two steps:

        1. Register for specific IB tests by clicking here
        2. Pay the IB exam fees through Q-Parent Portal ($125 per IB exam) IB

        You must be in an IB Class at NPHS to register for May exams. Many IB courses require 2 years of coursework before the exam is taken, so speak with your IB teachers about registering for exams prior to paying and signing up. To register for the May 2023 exams, complete both of the steps above on or before November 1, 2022. Late registrations will not be accepted.

        Financial Assistance: reduced fees available to families who qualify for free/reduced lunch (application on Q Parent Portal)

        If you have questions, consult your IB teachers or email Debbie Doğançay, IB Coordinator.

        CAS Information 2023: 

        1. CAS Overview: This is a general overview of what CAS is and the expectations.  
        2. CAS Project: The CAS project needs to have all the elements of CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) and needs to follow the Five CAS Stages. Click HERE to get ideas or inspiration for your CAS Project.
        3. CAS Project Planner: Use this planner to help you plan and coordinate your CAS Project. 
        4. Senior Roadmap: All CAS seniors should use this map as a guide to stay on track (January - March).

        State Testing 2023: CAASPP

        1. CAASPP Testing: All Juniors are scheduled to take the CAASPP tests in March/April 2023. It is important that EVERY grade 11 student take these exams.
        2. School Administration will be visiting Junior classes the week leading up to the testing to emphasize the importance of everyone giving their best effort during the tests. As we get closer to the testing, we will send home the brief presentation to parents as well.
        3. CAASPP testing will take place either in the gym, the library, or a specific classroom. All juniors will be notified where to report for the testing.
          1. Check back for additional details

        Once again, please assist us in stressing the importance of each student giving their maximum effort on all tests. Thank You!

      Work Permits

      • 2024 Summer Work Permits and Transcript Requests

        2024 Summer Work Permits and Transcript Requests

        Conejo Valley Unified School District Educational Center
        1400 E. Janss Road, Thousand Oaks
        Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday; 7:30am-4:30pm
        (Closed on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, and Thursday, July 4, 2024)


        Work permits will be processed by the District Office from June 24, 2024 - August 2, 2024, on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week.

        Please bring the following items to obtain a work permit:

        1. Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor Form CDE B1-1
        2. A valid photo I.D.

        Please make sure that your contact information is on the work permit form so we can contact you when it is ready for pick up.


        Work Permits

        1. Application and Signatures

        • the student, along with
        • the parent/guardian and
        • employer must fill out the B1-1 form: “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age” and submit to the College and Career Center (Form is in Black Box in Step 2)

        2. Processing:

        The school reviews the completed and signed B1-1 form and issues the B1-4 (Work Permit).

        California Work Permit APPLICATION Form: “Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor and Request for a Work Permit-Certificate of Age” https://www.dir.ca.gov/dlse/dlseformB1-1.pdf

        1. Print and fill out Work Permit form, above
        2. Collect necessary signatures
        3. Submit completed form to the Front Office

        Processing time usually takes 2-3 business days. You will receive an email when your work permit is ready for pick up at the Front Office.

        Click the image to go to
        JIS Board