• Parking Lot Safety

    Please help keep the parking lot safe for our children by using the following guidelines:

    1.   Observe the California Vehicle Code, including speed limits, at all times.

    2.   Use the designated crosswalks in the parking lot and to cross the street.

    3.   Observe the curb markings and posted signs:

    • Do not park in the red zones.
    • You may use any yellow curb for dropping off/picking up students--do not have students exit or enter your car before you've reached the yellow curb.            
    • Reserve the blue zones for handicapped parking.
    • Do not park in the designated bus loading area on Lesser Drive.

    4.   Do not stop in the lane reserved for through traffic.

    5.   Use the designated parking spaces or the street if you plan to park for an extended period.  Do not double-park. 

    6.   Never signal your student to cross between cars.

    7.  When using the loading/unloading lane, pull all the way forward to keep the line moving efficiently.

    8.  Never leave your car unattended in the loading zone.

    9.  Always model safety, patience, and respect.  Our children follow our example!