Drop Off Zone 1

  • Drop Off Zone 1 is Conejo School Road (front entrance of school)

    Classes to Use the Drop Off Zone 1 are:

    • Ms. Stapp 2nd Grade
    • Mrs. DuBois 3rd Grade
    • Mrs. Rosenberg 3rd Grade
    • Ms. Paules 4th/5th Grade
    • Ms. Beth 3rd-5th Grade
    • Ms. Amy 1st/2nd Grade

Drop Off Zone 2

  • Drop Off Zone 2 is Los Feliz Drive

    Classes to Use the Drop Off Zone 2 are:

    • Ms. Adler TK/K
    • Mrs. Calle K
    • Mrs. Stanley 1st Grade
    • Mr. Davidson 4th Grade
    • Mr. McLaughlin 5th Grade

  • Safety First:
    Use Crosswalks to Cross the Street
    Hold Hands to Cross the Street
    DO NOT Allow Children to Run or Play in Parking Lots
    Drive Slowly and Carefully to Keep All of the Children Safe