Dept. Head

Stephen Sipes
CVUSD Outdoor School Coordinator
Office: (805) 498-1573 Ext. 151
Cell: (805) 341-7528

About Stephen

As I am about to embark on my 5th season as Outdoor School Coordinator, I am looking forward to the challenges, accomplishments, and growth that each season brings. My past experiences with staff and students only makes me more prepared and excited for the upcoming season. I anticipate integrating activities that have presented positive results from the past but, also, including new activities that I consider to enhance value to the program.

I feel that my background as a 6th grade Math and Science teacher, National Park Ranger, Santa Monica Mountains Enthusiast, and as a CVUSD parent has prepared me to deliver a high quality experience for the CVUSD sixth grade student. I want the CVUSD sixth grade students to experience all that Outdoor School has to offer. Oceanography, Geology, Environmental Impacts, Astronomy, Chumash Lifestyle, and Local Flora & Fauna are some of the scientific subjects that are covered at Outdoor School. Also, and just as importantly, the Outdoor School experience gives sixth grade students a chance to mature and grow. Many group activities present students with the opportunity to take a leadership role. These opportunities give the students a chance to interject their personal strategies and ideas to problem solve. Furthermore, students have multiple opportunities to make connections with fellow students that they would not normally come into contact while in class. Additionally, CVUSD sixth grade students learn teamwork, responsibility, respect for others, Mess Hall etiquette, and feeling comfortable spending time away from home.