The TOHS Majors extra-curricular is a great way to connect to campus and peers while learning more about future career opportunities. Each major meets once a month during lunchtime and includes guest speakers, teacher support, field trips, student projects, internships, and much more!

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    Please note: the last day to enroll for TOHS Majors was Friday, September 29!


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    You are welcome to attend the monthly career exploration meetings. Details are available below and in

    the Daily Bulletin, Green Sheet and Majors display case (in the center hallway, adjacent to the Library).


    Upcoming majors' meetings:


    Attendance will be taken.



    Monday, October 9

    Cosmetology/Wellness in F5 with Ms. Young

    Manufacturing in A1 with Mr. Magana


    Tuesday, October 10

    Film/Stage/TV… in the PAC with Ms. Mack

    Health Science (grades 9 & 10) in E5 with Ms. Rimpa


    Wednesday, October 11

    Health Science (grade 12) in F6 with Mr. Flores

    Information Technology (IT) in J10 with Mrs. Rousseve

    Studio/Visual Arts in A8 with Mr. Thomas


    Thursday, October 12

    Education in I3 with Mrs. Otey

    Fashion & Interior Design in J7 with Mrs. Moore

    Health Science (grade 11) in E9 with Mr. Lewis


    Tuesday, October 17

    Writing in J2 with Mrs. Wood-Glusac


    Wednesday, October 18

    Engineering in G7 with Mr. Hernandez

    Video Game Design in J10 with Mrs. Rousseve


    Thursday, October 19

    ANA in J7 with Mrs. Moore

    Business (11th grade) in J4 with Mr. Fleming

    Business (grades 9, 10, 12) in G12 with Mr. Hammond



    Tuesday, October 24

    Public Sector (Human Services, Government, Law, Safety) in E7 with Mrs. Cooper



    Here's a sampling of guest speakers from prior years:


    Reza Abdolee, Cybersecurity – CSUCI


    Christine Cano, Architect - CLU


    David Chi, MD - Surgeon


    Maggie Curran, SVP - Ember Tech.


    Amber Daugherty, Director – Atara Bio


    Ken Daurio, Writer – Despicable Me


    Jim Friedl, CEO – Conejo Rec. & Parks


    Dawn Garcia, Freelance Screenwriter


    Rudy Gonzalez, Southern CA Edison


    Fred Leong, MD – Pediatric Cardiologist


    Caitlyn Mowry, Art Prod. – Rec Room Gaming


    David Reith, Structural Engineer


    Becky Ribbers, Owner – CA Rotational Plastics


    Barbara Roll, CMO – Topix Skin Care


    Pete Saari, COO – Distillery Software


    Dawn Soler, Music Executive – ABC TV


    Marco Solis, Animal Trainer - Hollywood


    Stephanie Vollowitz, Trial Consultant




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