• Dress Code and Other Rules

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    CVUSD Dress Code (Approved Spring 2021)  
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    • Top (shirt, tank top, etc.)*
    • Bottoms (pants, sweatpants, leggings, shorts, jeans, skirt, etc.)*
    • *The equivalent to a top and bottom (dress, jumper, etc.) may also be worn
    • Shoes; activity specific shoes requirements are permitted for athletics, or classes that require closed toe shoes for safety purposes (ex. Lab course, Physical Education)
    • Violent language or images.
    • Images depicting drugs, alcohol, or any other illegal item or activity.
    • Hate speech, profanity, or pornography.
    • Images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment based on any protected class.
    • Hats, Helmets, Hoods, or Headwear (except as a religious, cultural, or ethnic observance, or medical purpose) when in an indoor classroom environment.
    • Education Code 35183.5, as added by SB 310 (Ch. 575, Statute of 2001), requires schools to allow students to wear hats and other types of sun-protective clothing while outside
    • Students’ personal items brought to school are also subject to the requirements under this Section 3.
    • Students cannot show visible underwear, not including straps and waistbands.
    • No bathing suits. Board shorts are allowed.

    Dress Code Enforcement at School: Basic Rules:

    • No student should have to perform any action that would prove a dress code violation. Dress code violations must be clearly visible.
    • Families (students and parents/guardians) should be notified of the dress code annually, or whenever the dress code is revised, including the consequences for violating the dress code. Consequences may never exceed those guidelines and must be enforced in a consistent manner.
    • Students in TK-5 will not be presented the dress code at schools due to their age range.

    If students violate the dress code:

    • No student should have to perform any action that would prove a dress code violation. Dress code violations must be clearly visible.
    • Any loss of class time shall be kept to a minimum.
    • If students do not have alternate clothing with them, they cannot be forced to wear clothing that is not theirs and must be provided the option to instead have parents/guardians called to bring alternative clothing.
    • No student shall be shamed for a violation of the dress code.

    **For a dress code to be effective parents and students must attend to students’ clothing before she or he leaves for school in the morning. As such, we expect and appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

    Cell Phone Usage - Elementary school students (K -5) may not use cell phones, Apple watches, wrist phones, or any other communicative device during the school day. Upon arrival at school, devices must be turned off and stored away. Students may use their devices after they are dismissed from school. Sycamore Canyon assumes no liability for lost or stolen electronic devices. Middle school students are able to use their cell phones before and after school ONLY.  Students may not take pictures, video or make phone calls at any time during the school day.