• Lang Ranch MakerSpace

    The Lang Ranch MakerSpace provides a hands-on environment where students gather to create, invent, and learn. 

    Daily recess sessions and extended classroom learning with optional curriculum-based projects are open to all grade levels. 

    Physical and virtual materials are available, ranging from recycled paper goods to complex tools and coding applications to video editing software in an effort to move our students beyond simple consumption to inspired creation.

    Our goal is to encourage our future inventors, do-it-yourself-ers, scientists, artists, educators, problem solvers… --  all our future adults --  to turn their knowledge into action!
  • MakerSpace News

    Help Keep Kids Making in the MakerSpace

    Thank you Lang Ranch community for keeping the MakerSpace stocked and ready for creative minds! The green donation bin is located in the school lobby.

    Items to connect always in need:
    * any kind of tape
    * any kind of glue (hot glue sticks low temp variety)
    * clothes pins, paper clips, binder clips, brads, etc.
    * pipe cleaners, wire
    * rubber bands
    * string, ribbon

    We also love unusual recycled items (interesting cardboard or plastic shapes, fabric, metal). Additionally, to keep our motors running, we love fresh batteries (9-volt, AA, AAA, 3-volt coin batteries).