Important Club Reminders & Requirements

    1. Your Club must have regular meetings at least once a month, with meeting minutes being taken on the Meeting Minutes Form. Your teacher advisor MUST sign all meeting minutes forms before they are turned in to the Activities Secretary, Ms. Burns, in the office. If you choose to use our Fillable Meeting Minutes Form, please print and have your teacher advisor sign or they can digitally sign the form and email it to Ms. Burns directly.

    2. Your Club must complete a community service project and turn in a  Club Community Service Project Summary Form at least once per year. Your Club Advisor must sign the form before it is turned in to the Activities Secretary, Ms. Burns.

    3. Financials must be for your club (not for pizza / lunch or to support another club or organization).

    4. You must approve all financial activity in the club meeting minutes (reimbursements, expenses, fundraising, etc.).

    5. You must have regular financial activity throughout the year. This means that you are raising money and spending money. The money earned that year should be spent in the same year. Note: If you lack sufficient financials or do not follow proper procedures, you could risk your club’s status and may not be allowed to be a club again.

    6. Activity Request Forms must be submitted for approval for all events on and off campus. If your event is raising money, a  Fundraising Request must be submitted as well.

    7. A minimum quorum of 8 members, including 4 board members, must be maintained to maintain club status. Only one person can hold each board position (President, Vice President, Treasurer, & Secretary). Clubs may create commissions and commission leads to account for larger clubs and/or workload. To have a club photo in the yearbook, you must maintain this minimum, and to qualify to be in that photo as a member, you must have attended at least 75% of the club meetings and be on the roster submitted in the Semester 1 Report.

    8. If your club fails to meet these requirements throughout the school year, it will lose its club status.

    Please refer to the Club Guidelines & Regulations for more detailed information.