Principal's Message

  • Welcome:

    We recognize that enrolling at Conejo Valley High School may not have been part of your plan.  However, we believe that we can help you with your educational needs if you are willing to help yourself.

    Conejo Valley High School is recognized by the state of California as a Model Continuation High School.   The high school serves a diverse student population who are primarily 16-18 years old.  Students originally come to CVHS because they are behind in credits and are not on track to graduate Students at Conejo Valley High School are quickly integrated into a caring and supportive community that makes them feel valued, builds their confidence and helps them to find renewed hope in their future.  Students attending CVHS earn a high school diploma and must meet the same graduation requirements of students at the district’s traditional high schools.  Programs offered include Career and Technical Education, Support Groups, Work Experience and courses offered on campus through Moorpark College earning dual credit. We offer several extra-curricular activities including an Interact Club, Chess Club, Yearbook, Leadership and intramural sports. 

    By design, students in our alternative program can earn credits more quickly than is possible at a traditional high school.  We offer both whole group and individualized instruction and will tailor a program that meets each student’s educational needs. 

    Your teachers, counselor, and administrators are here to help you succeed and return to your home school or graduate from Conejo Valley High School.  Ask any of us for help whenever you are in need of support. 

    Remember, a continuation high school is an alternative way of learning, not an alternative to learning.  We welcome you to the Conejo Valley high School family and are excited to be part of your journey!

    Sincerely yours,
    Martin Manzer

School Wide Learning Outcomes

  • Academics • Character • Transition (ACT)

    1.  Academics:

    We believe that achievement in a core curriculum builds the confidence, knowledge, and skills required for a successful adult life. Students will:

    • listen, speak, read and write effectively
    • apply math reasoning skills to solve problems
    • use abstract and critical thinking to analyze problems
    • identify, access, analyze, integrate and use a variety of resources and information 

    2.  Character:

    We believe that character is always a work in progress, and that character is demonstrated through action.  Through action we can make the world a better place for ourselves and others.  Students will: 

    • demonstrate skills to cope appropriately with anger and disappointment
    • take responsibility for their choices and their behavior
    • participate in acts of service to others 

    3.  Transition:

    We believe that all students can be prepared to enter society as adults who make responsible decisions, knowing that every action may have wide reaching consequences.  Students will: 

    • explore personal career options
    • demonstrate positive, cooperative and productive citizenship
    • relate personal choices to their own health, and to the health of the community and planet

Conejo Valley High Mission Statement

  • The Mission of Conejo Valley High School is to engage students in a safe and secure learning environment which emphasizes real world application, collaboration, innovation, self-direction, digital literacy, healthy living, social responsibility and global awareness.

Conejo Valley High Vision

  • Conejo Valley High School maintains a student-centered culture where positive relationships are the core of our success. 

    • We break down barriers and build powerful connections with students which encourage personal responsibility, hope, resilience, and academic achievement. 
    • We establish an inclusive, nurturing environment that celebrates diversity and promotes students’ social emotional growth. 
    • We offer students choice and enhanced opportunities to learn and to succeed. 
    • We believe meaningful growth occurs when individuals feel secure, respected, and valued. 
    • We maintain high standards and expectations while recognizing the importance of flexibility in meeting the educational and emotional needs of our students and staff. 
    • We provide real world connections that foster student curiosity and build on student competencies. 
    • We assist students in identifying personal pathways that will lead to productive careers and positive contributions to the community.