• What are the school hours?
    The campus is open daily from 8am to 4pm.  Student schedules are customized and depend on the time of their weekly advisory appointment, the time they need to take exams in the computer lab, and any classes they need to attend.  How much, and at what time, students are on campus largely depends on their individualized schedules set by family and counselor.  Some students are only on campus for classes and test taking. Other students meet peers on campus for study groups or to get assignments completed in the computer lab. 

    Are students eligible to participate in sports and activities while attending Century Academy?
    Students attending Century Academy are eligible to participate in sports at their previously attended school under the CIF Multi School Agreement.  The agreement states that students are able to participate at their school of residence. The CIF Multi School Agreement is filed annually.

    Are there Athletics Participation Results for Century Academy?
    Century Academy does not offer an Athletics program.

    If they are behind in credits, how behind can they be?
    Students should be no more than 30 credits behind to attend Century Academy. However, each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

    How many periods (classes) in a day?
    Students at Century Academy have a flexible schedule where the majority of the work is done independently either on campus or at home. Students are expected to come to campus typically several times a week for their meeting with their advisory teacher, their on-campus classes, and taking tests in the computer lab.

    How much of the learning is on line?
    The textbooks are online and are a significant component of Century Academy. The curriculum is supplemented with on-campus classes and traditional teacher support.

    Are there laboratory or foreign language courses?
    Yes, Century Academy offers on campus wet labs that meet the UC/CSU A-G requirements as well as a Spanish 1, 2, and 3 CP which requires a weekly on campus Spanish lab.

    Can students return to their high school and if so, what is the process?
    Yes, Century Academy is a school of choice. Parents can opt to have their student return to the traditional high school. Students wanting to return to their high school may return no later than the start of their senior year. They may return for their last semester if they will have completed more than 50% of their required coursework at a traditional high school within the district.