Computer Lab & Test Guidelines

  • During the 2022-2023 school year, the Century Academy computer lab is open Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm. Please note that students who do not adhere to lab policies will be denied access at the discretion of administration.

    • Students must sign in and out of the lab each time they enter and leave the lab.
    • The computer lab is open from 9-3 Monday through Friday for Century Academy students.
    • Students may work in the computer lab if space allows. However, students needing to take tests or finals receive priority seating.
    • Students must sit in the designated testing area when taking a computer scored test or a teacher scored test.
    • No electronic devices are permitted during testing. Use of any electronic device during testing will be treated as plagiarism and/or academic dishonesty. The first offense will result in a score of zero. The second offense will result in a drop/fail from the course.
    • Credit Recovery and Standard classes are open book NOT open Internet. Students on the Internet during testing will earn a zero and be subject to the academic dishonesty policy. CP, Honors, and AP courses are closed book.
    • One test per student will be unlocked at any time. When taking the computer scored test (CST) and the teacher scored test (TST) each test will be opened separately. For example, when the CST is complete, the student can request the TST be opened.
    • If a student leaves the computer lab with a test, a grade of zero will be assigned and the student will be subject to the academic dishonesty policy.