• Our students discover connections through cross-cutting concepts, community involvement, critical thinking & collaboration

Discover at a Glance

  • Established in 2009, Discover Academy is a school within a school, located on the campus of Sequoia Middle School. Discover offers the advantages of both traditional and small learning communities.

    Using the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Cross-Cutting Concepts to connect across the content areas of English, science, and history, the Discover Academy provides students with hands-on learning experiences. Students work collaboratively during activities, labs, and projects and also engage in critical thinking and authentic assessments. Discover students connect to the community through community service projects, exposure to guest speakers and field excursions.

    Additionally, Discover's students are afforded the opportunity to take full advantage of Sequoia's diverse offering of electives, highly regarded physical education curriculum, and varied educational opportunities such as accelerated/honors level classes in the 6th, 7th and 8th grade academic years.

    Students in the Discover Academy love science, collaborative projects and hands-on learning.
    They learn best through the integration of curriculum that builds upon connections.

  • Connections to Curriculum

    • Cross-curricular connections between science, history and English.
    • Cross-cutting concepts from the NGSS are interwoven between subjects.
    • Varied levels of classes within Discover.

    Connections that Foster Collaboration

    • Students travel together in cohorts in English, history and science to promote collaboration.
    • Teachers are a cohort who collaborate frequently on integrating their units.

    Connections that Foster Critical Thinking

    • Fosters critical thinking by promoting connections across curricular areas.
    • Incorporates technology as a way for students to demonstrate their learning through collaborative projects.

    Connections to Community

    • Presenters from the community share their experiences from various industries and students participate in numerous field trips.
    • Students participate in service projects.

Discover Teachers