Parking Lot Procedures

Please adhere to the following parking lot regulations:
  • The red curb denotes a “drive through” lane. Do not leave your car unattended along the red curb. There is no parking along the red curb.
  • If you need to leave your car for any reason, you must find a designated parking space in the parking lot or on the surrounding streets.
  • The yellow curb marks a “loading zone.” This is where you can safely drop off/pick up your child. Be sure children exit/enter your vehicle from the curb sidewalk, not into the “through traffic” lane. 
  • While waiting for students to be released, pull forward as far as possible.   Students who exit to Dena Drive will leave through the gate by the large driveway in front of the multipurpose room.      
  • The center lane is for “through traffic.”   You should never drop off/pick up your child in the center lane for any reason. This is very dangerous and places your child at risk for injury, plus it creates a huge traffic snarl in the parking lot. 
  • Students may also exit through the gate on Lesser Drive.   Do not park in the bus zone on Lesser Drive.   It is extremely important students use the crosswalks appropriately.           


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Principal, 504 Coordinator and Title IX Coordinator

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